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New Releases: Anime

Amagami SS+ Plus - Complete Series [Blu-ray]Non Non Biyori [Blu-ray]Non Non BiyoriCowboy Bebop - Complete Series: Amazon Exclusive Edition [Blu-ray+DVD]A Certain Magical Index: Season 2 - Part 2/2 [Blu-ray+DVD]The Ambition of Oda Nobuna - Complete Series [Blu-ray]Okamikakushi: Masque of the Wolf - Complete Series [Blu-ray]Hidamari Sketch x SP - Specials [Blu-ray]Detroit Metal City: The Animated Series - Complete Series [Blu-ray]Tale of Memories & Melodies - Complete Series [Blu-ray]

New Releases: Manga

Lone Wolf & Cub - Vol.07: Omnibus Edition (Vol.15-17)Terra Formars - Vol.04Zero's Familar: Chevalier - Vol.04Magical Girl Apocalypse - Vol.02Ubel Blatt - Vol.01Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Vol.03Akame ga Kill! - Vol.01I don't like you at all, Big Brother!! - Omnibus Edition (Vol.07-08)Black Butler - Vol.19Until Death Do Us Part - Vol.08

New Releases: Movies

The PiratesThe Pirates [Blu-ray]Once Upon A Time In Shanghai [Blu-ray]Once Upon A Time In ShanghaiTraffickers [Blu-ray]Traffickers7 AssassinsKung Fu Girl / WhiplashThe Last Supper (OwS) [Blu-ray+DVD]The Last Supper (OwS)

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