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TypeMangaVolumes8Chapters40Release Date24.06.2004Main genresDrama, ComedyCountry of OriginJapanAdapted FromLight NovelTarget GroupMale
Manga: Welcome to the N.H.K.
© 2004 Kenji Ooiwa, Kadokawa Shoten
Twenty-something-year-old Satou, a college dropout and aficionado of anime porn, knows a little secret--or at least he thinks he does! Believe it or not, he has stumbled upon an incredible conspiracy created by the Japanese Broadcasting Company N.H.K. But despite fighting the good fight, Satou has become an unemployed Hikikomori--a shut in who has withdrawn from the world...One day, he meets Misaki, a mysterious young girl who invites him to join her special "project." Slowly Satou comes out of his reclusive shell, and his hilarious journey begins, filled with mistaken identity, panty shots, Lolita complexes--and an ultimate quest to create the greatest hentai game ever!

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  • Japan NHK ni Youkoso!
    NHK に ようこそ!
    Status: Completed
    Release Date: 24.06.2004 ‑ 06.06.2007
    Volumes / Chapters: 8 / 40
    Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
  • Japan Welcome to the N.H.K.
    Status: Completed
    Release Date: 10.10.2006 ‑ 16.09.2008
    Volumes / Chapters: 8 / 40
    Publisher: Tokyopop Group


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