Dr. Stone (Anime)ドクターストーン

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  • TypeTV-Series
  • Episodes24 (~)
  • Release Date05. Jul 2019
  • Main genresAdventure
  • Country of OriginJapan
  • Adapted FromManga
  • Target GroupMale

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In Dr. Stone, the anime adaptation to Riichirou Inagaki’s manga of the same name, we meet the boy Taiju Ooki. Taiju has been in love with his classmate Yuzuriha Ogawa for years and today is the day when he finally confesses his love to her! So after he got a last pep talk from his best friend, the leader of the science club, Senkuu Ishigami, it’s on. He and Yuzuriha are alone at the old camphor tree on the school grounds and while the other members of the science club are betting various amounts on Taiju being rejected, he notices a dazzling bright light on the horizon … He throws himself protectively before his beloved, but alas in vain. He, Yuzuriha, Senkuu, and the rest of the world are being petrified by this bright light …

October 5th, 5738: Taiju, whose consciousness has spent over 3000 years thinking about Yuzuriha and his feelings for her, manages to escape his stone prison. Now he finds himself in a world of statues; myriad of them overgrown and destroyed. Nature took back what people took from it … But giving up is out of the question for Taiju! His beloved Yuzuriha is still safe with the old camphor tree and when he sees his best friend Senkuu again, who has been alive for months, the two decide to bring human civilization back to life—with the power of science!
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  • Taiju OOKI

    I'll leave the thinking to you, Senku! So rely on me for the physical parts!

  • Yuzuriha OGAWA

    It feels like I must be here... because you saved me... didn't you, Taiju? Thank you...

  • Tsukasa SHISHIOU

    I fully understand. Senku, you're planning on saving everybody, even the old people with their rotten hearts? Yes, at first they might be really grateful. But when a civilization returns, without a doubt: "this was my land!", "pay your rent!", "pay your taxes!" They'll start profiting from the weak again. I won't allow it. This Stone World is a paradise that is not yet tainted! Let's just revive the young people, we'll live together, with nature, which doesn't belong to someone else! It's an opportunity to cleanse humanity!

  • Tsukasa SHISHIOU

    You can call it killing, if you want... It's a matter of perception. I'm culling humanity, for the sake of a new world.

  • Kohaku

    I couldn't hear what you were talking about, but I don't give a damn! If you've got something to say, apologize to that gentlemen sorcerer! And then keep apologizing until your very soul rots!

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