Dr. Stone (Anime) ➜ Quotesドクターストーン

  • TypeTV-Series
  • Episodes24 (~)
  • Release Date05. Jul 2019
  • Main genresAdventure
  • Country of OriginJapan
  • Adapted FromManga
  • Target GroupMale

Anime Quotes

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  • Taiju OOKI
    Taiju OOKI

    en I'll leave the thinking to you, Senku! So rely on me for the physical parts!

    Manga: Dr. Stone
  • Yuzuriha OGAWA
    Yuzuriha OGAWA

    en It feels like I must be here... because you saved me... didn't you, Taiju? Thank you...

    Manga: Dr. Stone
  • Tsukasa SHISHIOU
    Tsukasa SHISHIOU

    en I fully understand. Senku, you're planning on saving everybody, even the old people with their rotten hearts? Yes, at first they might be really grateful. But when a civilization returns, without a doubt: "this was my land!", "pay your rent!", "pay your taxes!" They'll start profiting from the weak again. I won't allow it. This Stone World is a paradise that is not yet tainted! Let's just revive the young people, we'll live together, with nature, which doesn't belong to someone else! It's an opportunity to cleanse humanity!

    Manga: Dr. Stone
  • Tsukasa SHISHIOU
    Tsukasa SHISHIOU

    en You can call it killing, if you want... It's a matter of perception. I'm culling humanity, for the sake of a new world.

    Manga: Dr. Stone
  • Chrome

    en After all... I am a genius scientist...!

    Manga: Dr. Stone [Chapter 27] [Volume 4]

    en No matter which one of you falls, I'll be riding the winning horse.

    Manga: Dr. Stone [Chapter 23] [Volume 3]
  • Ginrou

    en Secret Technique: Leave It To Somebody Else!

    Manga: Dr. Stone
  • Kinrou

    en Rules are rules

    Manga: Dr. Stone [Chapter 17] [Volume 3]
  • Kohaku

    en I couldn't hear what you were talking about, but I don't give a damn! If you've got something to say, apologize to that gentlemen sorcerer! And then keep apologizing until your very soul rots!

    Manga: Dr. Stone
  • Suika

    en Since I'm always wearing this thing on my head, I'm never able to be useful to anyone. I'll probably be the same when I grow up... That's why whenever Suika sees someone who needs help-

    Manga: Dr. Stone



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