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  • TypeTV-Series
  • Episodes52 (~)
  • Release Date08. May 1965
  • Main genresAction
  • Country of OriginJapan
  • Adapted FromManga
  • Target GroupKids

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Avatar: stanbThread Creator#1
I'm looking for episodes past the year of 1966-68. My wife worked for Frontier Enterprises and did Japanese to English voice overs, she had the part of "ginger" in those past episodes. Can anyone help me find the videos of those animes so I could download them and show them to our grandchildren. Thank you in advance
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Avatar: RocketsSnorlax
Are you talking about Space Ace or other Anime?
For Space Ace, it is rumored that there has been an English Dub for Australia, but I can't find any proof for this.
Also, as storing film was quite expensive and after the rise of colour TV series during the 70s, there is a high chance that these masters already have been destroyed ages ago :(
There is no known VHS nor DVD release.

Same for Ougon Bat or Phantaman.

Some sources claim, that Princess Knight auf Crunchyroll! (avaiable at least in the USA) was dubbed at Frontier Enterprises, but that may happened a few years later (1972?).
It's also believed, that one of the dubs included in Lupin the 3rd The Mystery of Mamo DVD was produced by Frontier Enterprises, but that was 1978 or 1979.

Outside of the Anime industry, Frontier Enterprises was known for dubbing several early Godzilla movies.

Please note: All of these works are still copyrighted.

A small advise: You may contact
Don't get confused by his Twitter-Name, but he is an expert regarding weird and/or lost English voice overs.
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