Bleach: The Sealed Sword Frenzy (Anime)ブリーチ ~The Sealed Sword Frenzy~

  • TypeOther
  • Episodes1 (~)
  • Release Date06. Aug 2005
  • Main genresFighting-Shounen
  • Country of OriginJapan
  • Adapted FromManga
  • Target GroupMale

Anime Information

  • Anime: Bleach: The Sealed Sword Frenzy
    • Japanese Bleach: The Sealed Sword Frenzy
      ブリーチ ~The Sealed Sword Frenzy~
      Status: Completed
      Release Date: 06.08.2005
    • Synonyms: Bleach: Wahnsinn des versiegelten Schwertes, Bleach: Jump Festa 2005 Special

Anime Description

A Shinigami named Baishin who was sealed by Soul Society long ago is set free on Earth. On a fateful day Ichigo encounters him and has roughly half of his reiatsu drained. Its now up to Ichigo and Soul Society to finally put a stop to Baishin and his destruction.
Source: ANN
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Anime Characters

Anime Quotes

  • Renji ABARAI

    Worrying about a warrior’s life on the battlefield is only an insult.

  • Renji ABARAI

    We the warriors, go now to the field of battle! believe that our blades will not shatter! believe that our spirits will not break! even if we walk separate paths, our iron resolve shall remain united! swear! that even if the ground crumbles beneath us…. we shall return here, alive, again!

  • Rukia KUCHIKI

    If history repeats itself, and moves in a circular path, then believing that whatever force is turning it is perfect, is all we can do as we move ahead. Pushed along by forces beyond our control, waiting, for the blade to be swung.

  • Rukia KUCHIKI

    People are able to hold onto hope, since death is that which cannot be seen.

  • Rukia KUCHIKI

    What was that?! Don’t think that I don’t know! Ever since you lost to those Arrancars, you haven’t took the form of shinigami even once! What are you afraid of?! Chad got hurt! Inoue got hurt! So what?! Have you always been the man who loses his spirit over little things like that?! Is it scary to lose?! Is it scary not being able to protect your friends?! Or is it.. Scary to face the hollow inside you?! If you’re afraid of losing, just get stronger. If you’re afraid not being able to protect your friends, swear you’ll get stronger until you can protect them. If you’re afraid of the hollow inside you, just get stronger until you can crush him. If you don’t want to listen to others, then hold your chin up and yell those words to yourself! THAT’S THE KIND OF MAN YOU HAVE BEEN IN MY HEART, ICHIGO!

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