Anime » Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch / コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ


Anime: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
On August 10th of the year 2010 the Holy Empire of Britannia began a campaign of conquest, its sight set on Japan. Operations were completed in one month, thanks to Britannia's deployment of new mobile humanoid armor vehicles dubbed Knightmare Frames. Japan's right and identity were stripped away, the once proud Nation, now known as Aera 11. Its citizens, Elevens, are forced to scratch out a living while the Britannians aristocrats live comfortably within their settlements. Pockets of resistance appear throughout Area 11, working towards independence for Japan.

Lelouch, an exiled Imperial Prince of Britannia posing as a student, finds himself in the heart of the ongoing conflict for the island nation. Trough a chance meeting with a mysterious girl named C.C., Lelouch gains his Geass, the power of the king. Now endowed with absolute dominance over any person, Lelouch may now finally realize his goal of bringing down Britannia from within!
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  • Lelouch VI BRITANNIA
    The world cannot be changed with pretty words alone.
  • Lelouch VI BRITANNIA
    If the king doesn’t move, then his subjects won’t follow.
  • Lelouch VI BRITANNIA
    You’re not alone. We are partners. If you are a witch, then I’ll become a warlock.
  • Lelouch VI BRITANNIA
    I am sorry, but I cannot be friends with a goddess, because I have signed a contract with a devil.
  • Lelouch VI BRITANNIA
    I am not the one at fault, the world is.



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Questa serie offre dei personaggi carismatici al massimo, scontri fra mecha vertiginosi, strategie degne del miglior film militare, e scontri di ideali, unite ad un pizzico di sopranaturale e romanticismo sono soltanto alcuni degli ingredienti di uno degli anime più famosi del panorama nipponico.
Ovviamente, essendo un anime di guerra, non mancheranno scene di morte, pesanti o drammatiche, ma i contenuti che la serie offre valgono la pena di essere vista.




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