Anime: Gintama (Episodes 202-252)
After a break of one year everyone at odd jobs changed. Gintoki became a true hero while Kagura matured to a true beauty. Only Shinpachi seems to be left out. Unable to get used to his changed environment he tries to find a fitting place to stay just to end up with the Shinsengumi. But they weren't left out. Hijikata is now a sissy while Yamazaki mutated to an anpan-addicted bad ass. But it seems there's a dark secret behind all the changes. Can Shimpanchi and Hijikata solve the mystery and change everything back to how it was?
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  • Gintoki SAKATA
    You see, samurai are creatures that hibernate once they've eaten their fill.
  • Kagura
    Dear Lord, I'm supposed to be the cute heroine, but I'm always throwing up. I'm sorry (barf)
  • Kagura
    It's about time we made it clear why this anime's been dragging its feet for nine years, stopping and starting all the time.
  • Kagura
    You monster! Where'd you get this money?! The bank? The conveniuence store? The human trust?! I don't remember raising you to be a monster that pays salaries!
  • Kotarou KATSURA
    It's not Zura, it's Katsura.



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  • Japanese Gintama'
    Status: Completed
    Release Date: 04.04.2011 ‑ 26.03.2012
    Studio: SUNRISE Inc.
  • English Gintama (Episodes 202-252)
    Status: Completed
    Release Date: 04.04.2011 ‑ 26.03.2012
  • xx Synonyms
    Gintama 2


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