The Familiar of Zero F (Anime) ➜ Voice ActorsZero no Tsukaima F / ゼロの使い魔F

  • TypeTV-Series
  • Episodes12 (~)
  • Release Date07. Jan 2012
  • Main genresRomantic Comedy
  • Country of OriginJapan
  • Adapted FromLight Novel
  • Target GroupMale

Anime Voice Actors

Here you can find a list of all currently known voice actors and their respective roles in the anime “The Familiar of Zero F.” If you know of any more voice actors who worked on “The Familiar of Zero F,” feel free to add them to our database via our entry form.

Main Character

Saito Hiraga
Louise Françoise de La Vallière

Secondary Character

Tiffania Westwood
Henrietta de Tristain
Kirche von Zerbst
Guiche de Gramont
Julio Cesare
Janet (Ep 1,2,7,11,12)
Doudou (Ep 1,2,7,11,12)
Jean Colbert (Ep 1,3,8,9,11,12)
Vittorio Serevare (Ep 1-3,9,10)
Damian (Ep 1,7,11,12)
Vidalshal (Ep 2,4,7,8,12)
Lukshana (Ep 7-9,11,12)
Ari (Ep 7-9,11,12)


Shinto Priest A (Ep 1)
Jacques (Ep 1,7,12)
Brimir Priestess (Ep 2)
Cathedral Knight (Ep 2)
Old Woman (Ep 2)
Joseph (Ep 2,3)
Sheffield (Ep 2,3)
Agnes Chevalier de Milan (Ep 2,4,10,12)
Officer (Ep 3)
Commander (Ep 3)
Scarron (Ep 4)
Jessica (Ep 4)
Beatrice Yvonne von Guldenhorf (Ep 4)
Eko (Ep 4)
Biko (Ep 4)
Shiko (Ep 4)
Percerin (Ep 4)
Castelle Mall (Ep 4,9)
Tabitha's Mother (Ep 4,9)
Osmond (Ep 4,11,12)
Eleanor de la Vallière (Ep 5)
Old Man (Ep 5,6)
Maddarf (Ep 7)
Eshmael (Ep 7,8)
Adjutant (Ep 8)
Raid (Ep 8,12)
Knight B (Ep 10)
Knight Leader (Ep 10,11)
Knight A (Ep 10,11)
Knight B (Ep 11)
Knight C (Ep 11)
Commander (Ep 11)
Louise's Mother (Ep 12)
Louise's Father (Ep 12)


Sylphid (Ep 7,12)

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