• TypeManga
  • Release Date24. March 2015
  • Age rating0

Merchandise Description

UQ Holder! - Vol.04

Tōta meets Kirië Sakurame, a mysterious member of UQ Holder. Kirië looks like a little girl, but is apparently the wealthy patron of UQ Holder. Tōta accompanies her on a trip to the tower to meet Karin (returning from the Moon), but the trip appears to have another purpose. The powerful wizard Fate Averruncus, former ally of Tōta's grandfather Negi, wants to take possession of Tōta for reasons unknown. Despite having Karin, Ikku, Kirië and Kurōmaru with him, they stand little chance of stopping Fate, who possesses unfathomable power. Why does Fate want Tōta? And can Kirië's secret plan succeed in stopping him?
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