Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Complete Series [Blu-ray]

  • CategoryAnime
  • TypeAnime [Blu-ray]
  • Release Date24. July 2017
  • Age rating16

Merchandise Description

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Complete Series [Blu-ray]
Alchemy – the mystic science of transmutation. Gifted alchemists can break down and reconstruct matter using the Law of Equivalent Exchange, creating miraculous things. But one taboo can never be broken – human transmutation. The Elric brothers Edward and Alphonse broke the taboo in an attempt to resurrect their late mother and as a result, lost everything. Al’s soul was transferred to a suit of living armor and Ed lost two limbs, confining him to mechanical auto-mail. To recover what they ve lost they embarked on a journey to find the fabled Philosopher’s Stone. The closer they get to the hidden truth of the Philosopher’s Stone, the deeper they fall under shadowy schemes and the perils of unnatural creatures. The military nation of Amestris, the grudges and hatreds of a persecuted people, and the countless tragedies caused by alchemy all form a dark vortex that will draw people and countries into its void. The Elric brothers forge ahead in their quest to transmute despair into hope …
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Product Information

  • EAN
  • Länge
    13,5 cm
  • Breite
    2,9 cm
  • Höhe
    17,2 cm
  • Gewicht
    0,3 kg
  • Laufzeit
    1525 minutes
  • Sprache
    English, Japanese
  • Format
    Box set
  • Direktor
    Yasuhiro Irie
  • Studio
    Manga Entertainment

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