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  • Casshern

    en What people seek when the depths of despair and death are upon them may be the silhouettes of the ones they love.

  • Casshern

    en No I won’t kill you, there are still individuals who seek you out in search of life, it is your duty to help them, if survival is what they want then it is better they have it, I cannot deny them that. However if you or ANYONE forgets the face of death….then I will return.

  • Casshern

    en If you’ve forgotten death..then you’ve forgotten what it truly means to be alive.

  • Casshern

    en Even though there is life no one here is living it. Life is overflowing from you and these people are merely drinking their fill, but Dio and all the people I’ve met on my journey aren’t like that…they’re..they’re more…they were blazing with fire…they were torches burning with life.



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