Kouji KABURAGI (Character)Koji KABURAGI / 蕪木 浩二

  • GenderMale, 45
  • Birthday13. September
  • Hair ColourUnknown
  • Eye ColourUnknown
  • Blood Type?
  • Height/Size1.70m
  • Weight92kg
  • NationalityJapan

Character Description

Kouji KABURAGI is a character of manga »Kengan Ashura«.
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Character Quotes

  • Kouji KABURAGI

    There are so many different kinds of weapons! I hope this taught you something. That’s two … and now your eyes are completely shut … it looks like the poison is finally starting to kick in. Those rings and bandages were so conspicuous, you knew they were obviously a bluff, right??? They may call it a strict pat-down, but they’ve only got human eyes … and if you ask me, they’re full of holes. But no matter how strict the checks get, I’ll slip through each and every one of ’em. I’m a hidden weapons specialist. I’m boldly sticking to my path of “perversion.”

  • Kouji KABURAGI

    A young and talented man like you is having your sight stolen and your hearing disrupted by an old man like me … isn’t that delightful!? Whether weapons … the environment … or others … I use everything that I can. And that is the forte of “Medicine Man” Kaburagi Kouji.

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  • ja Kouji KABURAGI 蕪木 浩二 (かぶらぎ こうじ)
    Medicine Man メディスン マン
    Occupations: Budouka 武道家
  • en Koji KABURAGI
    Medicine Man
    Occupations: Martial Artist

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