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Avatar: Seiji
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  • Title
    • Title: The Anime's romanized title. Caution! There's a difference between romanization and phonetic language. For example: To Love Ru: Trouble
      Romanization: Trouble
      Phonetic language: Toraburu

  • Production: Most information sources concerning production are unreliable. Please only use either aniDB or the japanese Wikpedia.

  • Anime titles are written in bold.
    For example: The story of fictive Animetitle revolves around...
  • Characters are linked to their profile page (if available), but only once (on first mention)
  • Characters, organisations, as well as personal names are all written italic on their first occurance (This doesn't apply for well-known names (e.g. city and country names) as well as characters that have been linked to their corresponding detail sites and alphabetisms!)
    For example: Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch and Angel Beats!
    Holy Empire of Britannia - (proper name; italic)
    SSS - (alphabetism for Shinda Sekai Sensen; not italic)
    Japan - (city-name; not italic)
    Tokyo - (country-name; not italic)
    Lelouch - (unlinked character-name; italic)
    Lelouch - (linked character-name; not italic)
  • If it is a closed story, too many blank lines should be avoided
  • Links to descriptions of not well-known definitions should be inserted (Preferably links to Wikipedia articles) Caution! Linked pages have to be of the same language as the entry!
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