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TitleDate of Original ReleaseOccupations
Michiru Rescue!Web, 1 (2020)?Animation Work
Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution KizunaMovie, 1 (2020)AdventureAnimation Work
Digimon Adventure 20th Memorial StoryWeb, 5 (2020)Slice of Life DramaAnimation Work
Re:Stage! Dream Days♪TV-Series, 12 (2019)GanbatteWork
My Sweet TyrantTV-Series, 25 (2018)Romantic ComedyAnimation Work
Onagawa Chuu Baske Bu: 5-nin no NatsuTV-Special, 1 (2017)?Animation Work
Your Name.Movie, 1 (2016)Sentimental DramaWork Assistance
Terra Formars RevengeTV-Series, 13 (2016)Action DramaAnimation Work
Yuruyuri Season 3TV-Series, 12 (2015)ComedyAnimation Work
Aria the AvvenireOVA, 3 (2015)?Work
Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi!+TV-Special, 2 (2015)ComedyAnimation Work
Tamayura: Sotsugyou ShashinMovie, 4 (2015)?Animation Work
Samurai WarriorsTV-Series, 12 (2015)ActionAnimation Work
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji: SoushuuhenTV-Special, 1 (2014)RomanceAnimation Work
Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi!OVA, 1 (2014)ComedyAnimation Work
Wolf Girl and Black PrinceTV-Series, 12 (2014)Romantic ComedyAnimation Work
La Corda d'Oro: Blue SkyTV-Series, 12 (2014)RomanceAnimation Work
Samurai Warriors: Legend of the SanadaTV-Special, 1 (2014)ActionAnimation Work
Tamayura: More AggressiveTV-Series, 12 (2013)Slice of Life DramaWork
Tamayura: More AggressiveTV-Series, 12 (2013)Slice of Life DramaProduction
One OffOVA, 4 (2012)ComedyAnimation Work
Tamayura: HitotoseTV-Series, 12 (2011)Slice of Life DramaAnimation Work
Tamayura: HitotoseTV-Series, 12 (2011)Slice of Life DramaProduction
Squid GirlTV-Series, 12 (2010)ComedyWork Assistance
Mayoi Neko Overrun!TV-Series, 13 (2010)Romantic ComedyAnimation Work Assistance
Demon King DaimaoTV-Series, 12 (2010)Action ComedyWork Assistance
Yamada’s First Time: B Gata H KeiTV-Series, 12 (2010)ComedyProduction
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade WorksMovie, 1 (2010)ActionKey Animation
Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodTV-Series, 64 (2009)AdventureWork Assistance
Aria the AnimationTV-Series, 13 (2005)Slice of Life DramaWork Assistance
Eyeshield 21TV-Series, 145 (2005)GanbatteAnimation Work Assistance
Haruka -Beyond the Stream of Time-: A Tale of the Eight GuardiansTV-Series, 26 (2004)DramaAnimation Work
Animation Runner Kuromi 2OVA, 1 (2004)ComedyWork
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 2: Shiroki Ryuu no MikoOVA, 3 (2003)?Animation Work
Animation Runner KuromiOVA, 1 (2001)ComedyOriginal Work
Animation Runner KuromiOVA, 1 (2001)ComedyWork
Pokémon: Spell of the UnownMovie, 1 (2000)AdventureAnimation Work Assistance
Yu-Gi-Oh!TV-Series, 224 (2000)GanbatteAnimation Work Assistance
Initial D: Second StageTV-Series, 13 (1999)GanbatteWork Assistance
Now and Then, Here and ThereTV-Series, 13 (1999)DramaKey Animation

Current Company Name

  • Yumeta Co., Ltd.
    Yumeta Company, ゆめたカンパニー

Former Company Name

  • Shizuoka Animation
  • TYO Animations Inc.
  • Yumeta Company







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