Age Verification

On this page you can request a manual and free of charge admission to explicit contents. As an alternative you can acquire the aforementioned admission automatically by supporting us via the purchase of one our Premium Membership plans via paypal. In any case, your admission will be permanent for the admitted account.


Here you can request to be verified 18 and above for free. To do so, simply take a photograph of your ID card or your driver’s license following the instructions named hereafter:
  • Prepare a sheet of paper with the word “aniSearch” as well as your username
  • This sheet of paper must cover a part of your ID or your license.
  • You may blacken any information except for the month and year of your birth and your ID card number. In the following examples the necessary bits of information is marked in red.
  • When taking the photograph of your ID or your license please make sure that the necessary information is clearly legible.

  • Example: German ID card
  • Example: German driver’s license
The photographs used for these two examples were edited using the free image-editing program for Windows.

The photograph you submit to us is irrevocably deleted immediately after the verification has been completed. Data security is a highly important matter to us and thus we are extremely prudent when handling your personal information.
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