On this page you find the most frequently asked questions and their respective answers.

When do I create a new topic?

Unless a corresponding topic already exists, you are free to create your own topics as well as polls.

What should an opening post look like?

An opening post is the introduction to your topic and should ideally motivate others to discuss said topic. As such, you should avoid long walls of text and try not to lose yourself in details. There is a special rule for anime and manga threads. It is now forbidden to fill the opening post with too much redundant information that can already be found within the respective database entry.

What should the title of the topic be?

The title should be phrased in a sufficiently clear manner. If the topic concerns a database entry, you should first name the title of the anime or manga, for instance “[One Piece] Sunny vs Lamp”.

Where do I find recommendations for anime and manga?

You are welcome to create a new topic in the corresponding recommendation forums for anime, manga, and live action. To receive appropriate recommendations, you should describe what you are looking for as precisely as possible.

May I announce my project in the forums?

As long as it is a non-commercial project, you are welcome to present and promote it. Simply create a new topic in the Creator’s Corner or another suitable subforum within the Hobby and Leisure section.

What rules do I have to follow when publishing images and texts?

You can find the general rules here. The restrictions concerning pictures in the public area can be found here. There are NSFW-specific rules for certain topics, which can be found here.

Where may I publish X-rated pictures?

To gain access to the “Hentai” section of the forums, you must verify that you are at least 18 years of age. Posting explicit imagery is only allowed there, so long as it does not violate any law or our forums’ rules. Currently, verifying your age is possible in one of three ways:
  1. You can buy a Premium Membership via PayPal and thus support aniSearch.
  2. You know a staff member personally and you can ask them to confirm your data and to complete your profile.
  3. You can send us a copy of your ID card using this form.

How do I format a forum post or a news article?

You can find exact instructions in the tutorials section of the forum. In this section you can also find various guides on other topics, including shortcuts, news, and comments.

When do I create a new reply and when should I rather add a comment to an existing reply?

If what you want to say is part of the current discussion, then you should create a new reply. Comments, however, only serve the purpose of having “private” conversations between you and the author of the original reply, which don’t have any relevance for the other readers or the discussion. If you are unsure, please create a new reply.

Where can I give feedback and suggestions for improvement or report errors?

Either you use the corresponding subforum ( e.g. Bug Reports, Feature Requests, Feedback) in the section “Support” and open your own topic there or use the support link at the bottom of the page. The support form is always useful if you do not want the topic to be publicly available. For especially sensitive topics you can also contact the administrator via email.

Please note that your request should be as detailed as possible, so that it can be processed quickly without misunderstandings. For instance, if an error occurs, you should tell us which browser and version you are using. If urgent problems occur, you can of course also contact a moderator directly. You should note, however, that they are not always online.

Where or whom can I ask for help?

If you have problems with a forum post or a forum member, please read on here “How can I report a post?” Alternatively, you can always contact a forum moderator of your choice. For everything beyond that, please contact one of the administrators directly.

How does the HTML editor work?

You will find the source code editor in the upper left corner as the fifth symbol “< >” in the post editor. There you can use HTML to modify the layout and structure of the text. If you have no previous knowledge of HTML, you should read a few basic instructions first. The basics of HTML are not very complicated, but they may seem a bit confusing at first glance.
You can already find some templates for formatting here. If you have questions, you can ask them in the support area. The source code editor always shows the position of your cursor in the text.

How do I find a club on a specific topic?

Using the Club Index you will find a list of all currently available clubs. If you can’t find a club for your topic there, you can simply create a new one.

How can I edit my post and for how long can I do so?

In your post there is a “” button on the bottom right with which you can display further actions buttons—among them is also a button for editing your post. The editing period is currently set to two days. It is possible to extend the editing period for the whole topic by a moderator upon request.

How can I add a comment to another post?

In the post there is a “” button on the bottom right with which you can display further actions buttons—among them is also a button for adding a comment to the post. This will open a reply box directly at the post in question, into which you can write your comment. Please note that this comment is explicitly not a reply to the topic of the thread, but only a comment to the selected post.

How can I report a reply?

In the post there is a “” button on the bottom right with which you can display further actions buttons—among them is also a button for reporting the post. You will thus be redirected to the support form. In your message please specify exactly why you are reporting this post. The forum rules to which you can refer can be found here and the guidelines regarding images can be found here.

How can I search for a specific topic?

The tab search forums is located at the top of the forum’s menu. There you can search the whole forum for keywords. It is often helpful to just search the title to find the topic you are looking for.

How can I add an image or a video to my post?

In the editor above you have a number of formatting options, including inserting and editing images and videos. To insert an image, for example, select the image icon. This will open a pop-up where you can simply enter the URL of the image under “Source”. All other functions are not necessary. Please note, however, that for very large images it is necessary to set the dimensions in the pop-up to a reasonable size that does not distort the image (i.e. keep the original aspect ratio). If you want to add a local image you have to first upload it here or at an image hoster.

How can I bookmark topics and where can I find them afterwards?

You will find a drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the topic itself, which allows you to bookmark the selected topic or delete it from your bookmarks. You will find the topics you have bookmarked in the forum overview under “Your Data” “Bookmarks”. There you will also find further information about your forum activity.

How can I choose an different layout?

At the bottom of each page you will find a number of different layouts to choose from. You can try them out and change them as you like. If you have a premium membership, you can also use the profile management to customize your design using CSS. If you want to showcase your personal layout, simply create a new topic under Visuals and Layouts.
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