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New Game Relations?

Avatar: Aki-San

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Hi everyone!

I'm pretty sure that either i saw the original release or an anime with nearly identical artstyle/story. So here is my question: is the CR "New Game!" a reroll / "other official release" or does a similiar anime exist?

My hunch is that i saw the original around march, since it started in january in japan.

I hope this is not too much off-topic  :(
Avatar: xShadowLight


The New Game! Anime is an adaptation of the Manga by the same name and started airing in Japan on Monday hence it's no reroll. There have also been no prior adaptations of this series so whatever you saw must have been something similar. I can't think of anything with a similar story right now but the Moe-Artstyle ist very common in Slice of Life Series.
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