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Stratosphera no Yousei CHaracter Profile(s)

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I am calling out for anyone to another disscussion to help with the construction of the Stratosphera no Yousei or Nymphs of the Stratosphere's character profiles because there hasn't been any to help us make a better understanding or to locate the characters or nymphs of this ova. I know the pink haired nymph's name is Floy
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Apparently the Japanese databases don't even list this title or maybe you need to be logged in to search for ero-anime:,

The OVA itself doesn't have credits and every search leads to another dead end.

Here the name 藤須笙 appears (the computer geek in ep 02)


For episode 03 there's this text.


「ストラトスフェラの妖精」 = Stratos Fellatio no Yousei = Stratos Fellatio Fairy
笙 = Shou
フロイ = Freud

Other dead ends

From what I understand the "fairies/nymphs" do not necessarily have names. They are some kind of product that everyone can buy and they do not have any genitals.

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