Girls of the Wild’s (Manga)Sonyeodeo Wild’s / 소녀더와일즈

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  • TypeManhwa
  • Volumes / Chapters2 / 260
  • Release Date14. Aug 2011
  • Main genresAction Comedy
  • Country of OriginSouth Korea
  • Adapted FromOriginal Work
  • Target GroupMale

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Wild’s High School, an all girls educational institute specializing in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), has a very special freshman enrolling this year. Jaegu, who fears women from being abandoned by his mother, is about to find out what girls are really all about in this action-packed school drama.

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Avatar: Kutte#1
Girls of the Wild's

Well it started out as a decent title with just the right amount of practically anything a captivating story needs.
The action sequences were well integrated, as well as the right amount of drama, comedy and of course romance.
The completely absurd setting of the school was absolutely enjoyable and not too outlandish. The characters and their development is quite relatable at first too, even for tastes in literature that are characterized by the western one such as most of the people that probably frequent this site.
All in all it was a solid and generally well-engineered story.

Now comes the big but though.

It all falls apart in the later development. The new characters that are introduced get close to no real story, may it be background or present "screrentime".
Some characters with large potential are left aside more or less completely and are only tugged out of their box for short unfullfilling basic jokes or to fill in voids left by a massive writers blockage. At least that is how it feels they were treated. Of course the linewebtoon-buisness must be a hard one but even if I take that into consideration the lack of respect of the autor towards the sidekicks seemed a bit too severe at times.
And not only that but also the main charakters' development came to a halt. But that was luckily only later on in the story.
That is the biggest issue at hand though.
When at first you think: "Man this story runs very smooth, the charakters are growing all in their own aspects and become more and more "three dimensional!", all of that stagnates and then vanishes later on completely or in some cases just didn't happen until the end because it seemed more dramatic but was only cringeworthy after a certain "point of no return". Not even the most cringeinflicting soap operas would be that penetrant.
I am not talking about plotholes here though but more of a forced continuation, as if the story or at least some of the storylines of maincharakters and sidekicks, could have been rounded up in much less chapters (probably it was to rake in more money?). At least that is the feeling I got after following the series from its very first chapter to the end.

Summing it up in fewer words for the lazybums (I am more than often one of them too) that do not want to read all the stuff above:

It starts out as a really entertaining story an I can only recommend to at least read the first 50 or 100 chapters but would be not surprised if you drop it even earlier.
So what I am basically saying is that it starts off with great potential and many entertaining possibilities of storylines and charakterdevelopments but in the end it certainly does not make the best or sometimes not even a decent use of it. I got more and more disappointed and frustrated towards the end and could only think: "Man what a pity."
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