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Girls of the Wild's

Avatar: Kutte

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Girls of the Wild's

Well it started out as a decent title with just the right amount of practically anything a captivating story needs.
The action sequences were well integrated, as well as the right amount of drama, comedy and of course romance.
The completely absurd setting of the school was absolutely enjoyable and not too outlandish. The characters and their development is quite relatable at first too, even for tastes in literature that are characterized by the western one such as most of the people that probably frequent this site.
All in all it was a solid and generally well-engineered story.

Now comes the big but though.

Yeorahop Seumulhana

Avatar: kleine Anemone

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This is a heart-warming story, really sweet.
What makes us an adult? Is it just the age? That is one main issue of the manhwa, as well as finding something to care for and seeing things from different point of views. How do you communicate with someone who detests what you value?!

Because of a traffic accident Yun-lee loses the time when she was twenty, she had to stay in a hospital and could not go to school. Now she is twenty-one and spends her whole day in school, except for her lunch break. Everyday, in her break, she spends her lunch money to buy food for the stray cats. One day she meets Dong-hwi, who is nineteen and just graduated from school. He wants to spend the time before his twentieth birthday enjoying to be a child and also feeds the stray cats. He even numbered them all the way through and plays with them.

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