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Reviews – Recorder to Ransel Do

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"Brothers backwards"

** Sorry if you don't understand something, I used google translator to translate all my review that I already had in Spanish.

It is about two brothers, the older sister named Atsumi, 17 years old with a height of 1.37 meters and her younger brother of 11 years, Atsushi, 1.80 meters, and the day to day that they live by having such features.

It is an anime based on a 4-Koma manga, in other words, a fairly short manga in each of its chapters and that is shown in the anime also by being chapters of 3 minutes each, where having this format as a base they tell us very exact situations in each episode, with different things that have already been seen before, in other styles of slice of life comedy, but with that touch of originality of having an 11-year-old boy with the appearance of an adult, and the different situations that can be brought about just by this change. One of the things that this anime leaves us well determined is the fact that we do not have to judge by appearances, this is applied to the older brother in the vast majority of cases but things also happen to the younger sister although more to his benefit compared to Atsumi that everything that happens to him is not something that he likes. After its characters with a very marked characteristic that allow a greater explosion of comedy at the time of meeting with the protagonists of this story, and thus do not feel that it is the same all the time.
With music and art that was too normal, that is to say that it was not bad but it was not a great marvel for the viewer to see and hear. They allow this anime to be totally worth watching.

Finally, I recommend this anime in its entirety, it is only three minutes per chapter, with 13 episodes, especially if you do not know what to do then to spend the time laughing a little and seeing the different situations that Atsumi shows us the boy with the body adult, it is not bad at all.
I at least enjoyed it a lot, not all the episodes were totally laughs but for less than 40 minutes and laugh for a while because I did not lose anything when I saw it, rather you gain some joy and want or do not leave a little teaching that You have to always keep it in mind, and at least I liked it a lot at the end, I would have liked a little more in the ost but being a short anime you can't ask for much.

Thank you for reading.


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Reviews – High School DxD

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** Sorry if you don't understand something, I used google translator to translate all my review that I already had in Spanish.

" The human demon who wants a harem "

This story revolves around a young man named Issei, who is a very perverted boy and who yearns with all his being to have a girlfriend. One day, a girl named Yuuma confesses to him and asks him out on a date. That same day of the appointment, when it was about to end and it was also getting dark, she reveals his true form, a fallen angel, for certain reasons she murders him and he, unable to do anything to defend himself, dies. However, the next day he wakes up in his bed, thinking that it was all a dream, but he realizes that someone was next to him in his bed and that someone was his senpai, Rias Gremory, who tells Issei that she it is a demon. and has been revived as her slave. And so begins Issei's life as a demon, seeking to train and be the king of the harem, and Rias Gremory as his mistress.
With this we have that the story focuses on a world where demons, angels and fallen angels live in the world of humans. This story also shows us the struggles that exist between them, how the fallen angels become more "demons" than the demons themselves and vice versa or where a demon can be more human than a human. The latter is best visualized with the Occult Research Club, where all the members are demons, fellow slaves of Issei, but who despite being demons have much clearer the definition of what is good and what is bad, compared to an angel. This shows that despite the different changes you have, you do not stop being who you really are, either because Issei is a demon does not take away from him that the interior of him is still human and that is something very redeemable that this anime teaches. us, and that has some fights that are not bad at all, especially when it comes to balancing the fights with the help of the secondary characters, which makes it seem very realistic and that these same secondary characters cause their protagonist to shine more Thanks to them, that is, the secondary characters fulfill their secondary role well by not taking the show away from the protagonist but without monopolizing everything, then there is one of the things that this anime has best and that is Issei's fact and objective of having a harem and be king of the same word, and all this well justified with the fact that he is a pervert and that he is also a demon so he does not have to contain his lust, since being a demon he can perform all the misdeeds you want to commit. This is one of them.
On the other hand, this anime also falls into scenes where things simply happen because the creator decides it and without following the same logic that he himself gives to his story or more than everything in the personality of his characters. In addition to that, there are times when we can see that Issei knew all the power of him that he seemed to have since childhood, intuiting everything he learns and applying it very quickly without having any justification or basis for why he knows how to control. something that just ended. to learn, in addition, the moments created to promote hatred of the villains that are presented are not entirely well done, they feel very forced and that is simply to show the rude protagonist at the moment that he deals with this situation, but in the end not ends with the expected satisfaction.
Then we have one of the greatest things that this anime offers and it is the excessive amount of megaecchi fanservice that it shows us, they practically dedicate up to a few episodes to these, this one focuses totally on showing the oppais of all women. The characters that appear, literally, do not open a female character who has not seen her breasts. This is shown from the first moment of the anime and adding a perverted protagonist like Issei, gives us a free pass to an anime where at all times we will have various situations created by the same protagonist for the enjoyment of viewers, unlike other anime. of a very high ecchi like To Love Ru, that his ecchi focuses more on the accidents and slips of Yuuki Rito, protagonist of the aforementioned anime, here in High School DxD you see a protagonist that if you want these situations to happen or that it will indirectly happen to him for his lustful desires. But this style of ecchi has its charm or more than all the comedy or grace of it when seeing someone who so much wants to see the naked body of a woman, thus allowing in various moments of tension to take the situation differently just for him. longing to see oppais.
And all this story accompanied by a fairly decent art and animation that, undoubtedly for the time and the anime style that it is, is not bad at all, causing greater pleasure when viewed, especially that exaggeration in the physics of the breasts in the anime. And to top it off, it has an extraordinary opening, some very good soundtracks, which are very much with some characters, as is the case with Rias, although with an ending that is not very good. And a style of auditory fanservice that they give to the bounces of the oppais when they are in motion. All of this makes anime that much more enjoyable.
In conclusion, this anime does entertain me, its story was not so linear due to the fanservice but totally enjoyable, in addition to having a good closing I can say that I did not waste time and I recommend it to everyone who loves ecchi, do not have any problem with the story stopping to have a full chapter of fanservice and, above all, do not hate the overly perverted characters. Well this anime will be quite enjoyable.

High School DxD: 5.8 / 10
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