This page presents you with an overview on our movies genres and offers you the option to list titles by their main or subsidiary genres.

Subsidiary Genres

  • Action – All about fighting and violence
  • Adventure – Just like in live action adventure movies this is all about eventful and risky journeys to exotic places.
  • Comedy – Is supposed to make the audience laugh.
  • Crime Fiction – Deals with crimes and their solutions.
  • Drama – Has a conflictual and dramatic plot.
  • Ecchi – Describes either sex-related humor or generally sexual scenes, but not actual intercourse.
  • Eroticism – In our case eroticism describes titles which are neither ecchi nor hentai. It may come to sex between the characters.
  • Excessive Violence – The violence is over the norm the average human can stand.
  • Fantasy – This genre is about magical powers and supernatural creatures.
  • Fighting-Shounen – Action for male teenagers which is almost solely about fighting
  • Ganbatte – The main character wants to climb to the top in a certain sport or another competitive activity.
  • Ghost Stories – Creepy tales about ghosts and other beings of (Japanese) folklore
  • Harem – The main character is being wooed by many women/men.
  • Hentai – A pornographic title
  • Horror – Deals with the escape from or the battle with (mostly supernatural) threatening beings. The protogonist is constantly in a frightening situation.
  • Magical Girl – A young girl with supernatural powers is able to transform into an alter ego to secretly fight villains.
  • Mecha – The focus is on big combat robots which usually have to be piloted by a character.
  • Psychological Drama – Deals with the entity that is man and his mind. In most cases the protagonist is subject to emotional pressure.
  • Romance – Deals with romantic relationships between the protagonists.
  • Science-Fiction – This genre deals with powers and creatures, which can (in one way or another) be explained scientifically.
  • Slice of Life – This title deals with the everyday life of the protagonists.
  • Sports – The focus of the story is on some kind of sports.
  • Supernatural Drama – In contrast to obvious fantasy or obvious sci-fi, this genre deals with supernatural beings or powers of which the causes are unknown.
  • Thriller – A suspenseful story about one or more persons that have to face a seemingly desperate situation
  • Yaoi – The focus of the story is on love relations between men.
  • Yuri – The focus of the story is on love relations between women.
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