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TitleDate of Original ReleaseCharacterYear
7 Seeds: Part 2Web, 12 (2020)DramaHaru YUKIMAHaru YUKIMA2020 de
The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the GodsTV-Series, 24 (2019)AdventureSarielSariel
(Ep 3-5,24)
2020 de
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These SecondOVA, 12 (2019)Action DramaAnton FERNERAnton FERNER2020 de
Teasing Master Takagi-san: Season 2TV-Series, 12 (2019)Romantic ComedyKouki NAKAIKouki NAKAI
(Ep 1,2,5,7-9)
2019 de
7 SeedsWeb, 12 (2019)DramaHaru YUKIMAHaru YUKIMA2019 de
Rilakkuma and KaoruWeb, 13 (2019)Slice of Life DramaEmptyHayate
(Ep 4,7,13)
2019 de
Teasing Master Takagi-sanTV-Series, 12 (2018)Romantic ComedyKouki NAKAIKouki NAKAI2018 de
Netsuzou Trap: NTRTV-Series, 12 (2017)Romantic DramaTakedaTakeda2017 de
KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! 2TV-Series, 10 (2017)AdventureAlexei Barnes WALTERAlexei Barnes WALTER
(Ep 4)
2020 de
To Love Ru Darkness 2ndTV-Series, 14 (2015)Romantic ComedyNAKAJIMANAKAJIMA
(Ep 2,4,11)
2018 de
Lupin the 3rd Vs Detective Conan: The MovieMovie, 1 (2013)Crime FictionEmilio BARETTIEmilio BARETTI2019 de
The Pet Girl of SakurasouTV-Series, 24 (2012)Romantic ComedySouichirou TATEBAYASHISouichirou TATEBAYASHI
(Ep 10,12,14-16,18,22,23)
2020 de
Kuroko’s BasketballTV-Series, 25 (2012)GanbatteRyou SAKURAIRyou SAKURAI2020 de
Hunter x Hunter (2011)TV-Series, 148 (2011)Fighting-ShounenJispaJispa
(Ep 61,62,64)
2018 de
Is This A Zombie?TV-Series, 12 (2011)Romantic ComedyYoru no OuYoru no Ou2019 de
Yosuga No Sora: In Solitude Where We Are Least AloneTV-Series, 12 (2010)Sentimental DramaEmptyNaos Vater
(Ep 7)
2016 de
Shakugan no Shana OVAOVA, 1 (2006)RomanceHayato IKEHayato IKE2021 de
Shakugan no ShanaTV-Series, 24 (2005)ActionHayato IKEHayato IKE2021 de

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  • Sascha WERGINZ


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