Which of these aspiring pianists is the most impressive or inspiring?

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Which of these aspiring pianists is the most impressive or inspiring?

Classical melodies from Mozart, Wagner, or Beethoven strongly shaped the musical world and dominated it for decades. Even though classical music has been somewhat fading into the background, there are still many young and aspiring pianists who try their hand at these well-known masterpieces. Yet even so the path to becoming one of the best pianists is tough and full of hardship, these young people hone their skills and strife for perfection to immerse themselves in the music and mesmerise their listeners. How did you feel when listening to them? Which performance managed to “enchant” you? Who did you like most? Vote for your favourite and feel free to tell us your thoughts on who deserves to win and why in the comments!
  • Kai ICHINOSE [id:34126]
  • 4.3% (12)
  • Kaoru NISHIMI [id:32028]
  • 6.5% (18)
  • Kousei ARIMA [id:46004]
  • 63.4% (177)
  • Megumi NODA [id:25000]
  • 17.6% (49)
  • Ryoutarou TSUCHIURA [id:11938]
  • 6.8% (19)
  • Shuuhei AMAMIYA [id:34125]
  • 1.4% (4)

Comments (4)

Avatar: Blobsky#4
Arima?! Ehrlich??? Ich bin enttäuscht warum gewinnt der Selbstmordgefährdete?
Avatar: Dracandar#3
Kai Ichonose:
hat leider keine ansprechende Präsenz aber eine sehr eigene Persönlichkeit. Hat jedoch wenig Perfektion.

Kaoru Nishimi:
Sehr überzeugender Pianist, aber nicht gut genug.

Megumi Noda:
Unglaublich gute Pianistin, hat jedoch keine Eleganz dahinter.

Ryoutarou Tsuchiura:

Shuuei Amamiya:
guter Pianist, jedoch viel zu Jung um Eindruck zu gewinnen.

Kousei Arima:
Besondere Persönlichkeit, jedoch sehr zurückhalten. Alle Klavierstücke perfekt gespielt und das mit großer Eleganz.
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