Guido MISTA (Character)グイード・ミスタ

  • GenderMale, 18
  • Birthday3. December
  • Hair ColourUnknown
  • Eye ColourBlack
  • Blood TypeB
  • Height/Size1.79m
  • Weight68kg
  • NationalityItaly

Character Description

Guido MISTA is a character of anime »JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze« and of manga »JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken«.
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Character Quotes

  • Guido MISTA

    There’s only one way out! We’ll end it right here, right now. Time to bust a cap in his mouth!

  • Guido MISTA

    Th— This really sucks … Talk about bad luck. Four is always the absolute worst for me.

  • Guido MISTA

    It’s bad luck to take something from four things! It’s fine if you’re choosing from five! It’s also fine if you’re choosing from three! But if you choose something from four things, something bad’ll happen.

  • Guido MISTA

    Go, Pistols! Blast those bullets through his skull!

  • Guido MISTA

    Aahhh!! Giorno! Not so rough! No, not there! Nonono!! Oh! Be gentle! Gentle! Don’t strip me! I can feel you! Ohh! No! No more!

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  • ja Guido MISTA グイード・ミスタ
    Occupations: Hanzaisha 犯罪者

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