Quotes from Characters

This page shows quotes from characters in the order in which they added to our database.
  • Usagi TSUKINO
  • Jungho

    en Jae Galhwa … I … I won’t kill you. I shall forgive you.

  • Chase the Bad
    Chase the Bad

    en What you wanna protect and what you should aren’t always the same. Think real hard about what you protect. Also, you can’t protect anyone if you can’t protect yourself. Get strong first.

  • Appare SORANO
    Appare SORANO

    en How far can I go? Across the sea? Beyond the sky? Or even the other side of the moon? If anyone’s ever going to reach the other side of the moon … I’m gonna be the one who gets there first! This ship is only the first step.

  • Appare SORANO
    Appare SORANO

    en Engineers are 1 % brilliant ideas and 99 % drive to bring them alive.

  • Ruka

    ja Seinaru Shugo no Hikari, Ima Majiwarite Towa no Inochi to Naru. Synchro Shoukan! Koutan seyo, Ancient Fairy Dragon! (聖なる守護の光、今交わりて永久の命となる。シンクロ召喚! 降誕せよ、エンシェント・フェアリー・ドラゴン! )

  • Aki IZAYOI
    Aki IZAYOI

    ja Tsumetai Honoo ga Sekai no Subete o Tsutsumikomu. Shikkoku no Hana yo, Ake! Synchro Shoukan! Araware yo, Black Rose Dragon! (冷たい炎が世界の全てを包み込む。漆黒の華よ、開け! シンクロ召喚! 現れよ、ブラック・ローズ・ドラゴン!)

  • Rua

    ja Sekai no Heiwa o Mamoru Tame, Yuuki to Chikara o docking! Synchro Shoukan! Ai to Seigi no Shisha, Power Tool Dragon! (世界の平和を守るため、勇気と力をドッキング! シンクロ召喚! 愛と正義の使者、パワー・ツール・ドラゴン!)

  • Hey Ya!
    Hey Ya!

    en You’re the guy with the 1 in 5,000,000,000 luck! Go! Don’t worry about the downhill and go! Have faith!

  • Hey Ya!
    Hey Ya!

    en I will protect you from everything there is. All right! So go ahead, do anything you want! Keep on rushing forward! After all, there’s nothing but luck inside your bag!

  • Yuusei FUDOU
    Yuusei FUDOU

    ja Tsudoishi negai ga arata ni kagayaku hoshi to naru. Hikari sasumichi to nare! Synchro shoukan! Hishouseyo, Stardust Dragon! (集いし願いが新たに輝く星となる。 光差す道となれ! シンクロ召喚! 飛翔せよ、スターダスト・ドラゴン!)

  • Jack ATLAS
    Jack ATLAS

    ja Ouja no kodou, imakoko ni retsu o nasu. Tenchimeidou no chikara o miru ga ii! Synchro shoukan! Waga tamashii, Red Demons Dragon! (王者の鼓動、今ここに列を成す。天地鳴動の力を見るがいい! シンクロ召喚! 我が魂、レッド・デーモンズ・ドラゴン!)

  • Kanro no Kuradayuu
    Kanro no Kuradayuu

    ja Kanro no Kuradayuu! Kenzan!

  • Hiiragi no Horin
    Hiiragi no Horin

    ja Hiiragi no Horin! Kenzan!

  • William Douglas DRAKE
  • Joutarou KUUJOU
    Joutarou KUUJOU

    en I can’t beat the shit out of you without getting closer.

  • Juudai YUUKI
    Juudai YUUKI

    ja Gotcha! Tanoshii duel datta ze! (ガッチャ!楽しいデュエルだったぜ!)

  • Genbu no Ganzou
    Genbu no Ganzou

    ja Genbu no Ganzou! Kenzan!

  • Kaede no Daikaku
    Kaede no Daikaku

    ja Kaede no Daikaku! Kenzan!

  • Tsubaki no Houshun
    Tsubaki no Houshun

    ja Tsubaki no Houshun! Kenzan!

  • Iyashibi no Hiyoshino
    Iyashibi no Hiyoshino

    ja Iyashibi no Hiyoshino! Kenzan!

  • Houjou no Nene
    Houjou no Nene

    ja Houjou no Nene! Kenzan!

  • Nyasu
  • Aogane no Tsukumo
    Aogane no Tsukumo

    ja Aogane no Tsukumo! Kenzan!

  • Byakko no Kogenta
    Byakko no Kogenta

    ja Byakko no Kogenta! Kenzan!

  • Byakko no Kogenta
    Byakko no Kogenta

    ja Saikaidou Kotetsu! Sanjou!

  • Seiryuu no Kibachiyo
    Seiryuu no Kibachiyo

    ja Seiryuu no Kibachio! Kenzan!

  • Kanro no Komaki
    Kanro no Komaki

    ja Kanro no Komaki! Kenzan!

  • Tsubaki no Gorouza
    Tsubaki no Gorouza

    ja Tsubaki no Gorouza! Kenzan!

  • Oobi no Mumyou
    Oobi no Mumyou

    ja Oobi no Mumyou! Kenzan!

  • Shuusui no Erekiteru
    Shuusui no Erekiteru

    ja Shuusui no Erekiteru! Kenzan!

  • Hiiragi no Toubee
    Hiiragi no Toubee

    ja Hiiragi no Toubee! Kenzan!

  • Kaede no Kurenai
    Kaede no Kurenai

    ja Kaede no Kurenai! Kenzan!

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