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You can also help us by sharing our posts and database entries with your friends using your social channels or when you’re discussing anime or manga with your friends by sharing the link to the respective title you’re currently talking about. That way you’re helping both us and your friends who can now easily and directly inform themselves. Thank you!

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We offer those of you who want to completely forgo advertisements a so-called “Premium Membership”. Aside from being ad-free, this Premium Membership offers various additional features which are a little bonus and can be regarded as a means of us thanking you for your support. You can also support us with a small donation.

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aniSearch is an open database, where every member can add new information or edit existing details to fix errors. Fill in missing information or a missing cover image/screenshot, write your own synopses, or add relations or recommendations. You can edit just about any details and become a part of aniSearch. Do you have any questions? We are happy to help you with our support form!

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We’re trying to hold back on advertisements and we refrain from using “wallpaper”-kind background advertisements or disturbing layers. However, more than 70 % of our visitors are using an advertisement blocker and sadly do not add aniSearch as an exception. Regrettably this leads to further development being heavily restricted. That is why we’d appreciate it if you disabled your advertisement blocker on aniSearch. We hope for your support, if you like this website and think we deserve it.

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We can use item donations as well. As long as the articles (manga, DVDs, Blu-rays, figurines, …) are in good shape or as good as new, we always appreciate item donations for one of our many contests. Unless you wish to remain anonymous, you will, of course, be named as the donor of the item in the respective contest. If you have something for us please contact us in our support area and we’ll gladly get back to you as soon as possible.

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If you’re already a customer of one of our associates, we’d appreciate it if you used our merchandise overview to open their website. Doing so helps us, because we receive a small commission and there will not be any added expanse for you.

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