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Hello and welcome to my profile ^--^
I´m a Russian girl that lives in Germany. In between waiting for new drama releases, I spend most of my time reading manga, watching anime and listen to K-pop to pass the time. I mostly enjoy watching Korean and Japanese Dramas.

My First Dramas:

Korean: You're Beautiful

Japanese: Zettai Kareshi

Taiwanese: Love Buffet

First anime i've seen: Inuyasha

Worst anime i've seen:
1. Seikon no Qwaser
2. Strawberry Panic
3. Wedding Peach
4. Madoka Magica
5. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
6. Punch Line
7. Yosuga no Sora
8. Yumekui Merry
9. Madan no Ou to Vanadis
10. Green Green

Favorite anime:

1. Seraph of the End
2. Aldnoah Zero
3. Attack on Titan
4. Re:Zero
5. Fairy Tail
6. Death Parade
7. Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun
8. Akame ga Kill
9. Kuroshitsuji
10. Tokyo Ghoul

Genres that I like:

Action: Attack on Titan Drama: Re:Zero Fantasy: Fairy Tail
Horror: Another Mystery: Pandora Hearts Shounen: One Piece
Shounen-ai: Super Lovers Adventure: Magi

Genres that I dislike:

Ecchi: Prison School Magical Girl: Madoka Magica Shoujo-ai: Maria Holic
Slice of life: Azumanga Daioh Sports: Free

Favorite Female characters:

Erza: Fairy Tail Taiga: Toradora MiraJane: Fairy Tail Juvia: Fairy Tail Akame: Akame ga Kill
Aquarius: Fairy Tail Ai: Jigoku Shoujo Esdeath: Akame ga Kill Mavis: Fairy Tail Shino: Sword Art Online
Ririchiyo: InuxBoku SS Rem: Re:Zero Sango: Inuyasha Jibril: No Game no Life

Favorite Male characters:
Gray: Fairy Tail Juuzou: Tokyo Ghoul Kirito: Sword Art Online Natsu: Fairy Tail Viktor: Yuri on Ice
Sebastian: Kuroshitsuji Luffy: One Piece Gray: Fairy Tail Levi: Attack on Titan Ciel: Kuroshitsuji
Near: Death Note Ace: One Piece Sesshomaru: Inuyasha Decim: Death Parade Law: One Piece
Aladdin: Magi Gareki: Karneval Alois: Kuroshitsuji Mikoto: K Mika: Seraph of the End

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Avatar: PandoraDream#2
Eine Fangfrage, die ich leider nicht beantworten kann! ;)
Mal gefällt mir Ciel besser, mal Alois! Ich mag Ciel's ruhigen, aber dennoch fürsorglichen Charakter! Bei Alois seine sadistische Art!
Aber, was beide gemeinsam haben, sind ihre tragischen Schicksale! & die Shitsujis!
Aber vielleicht mag ich Ciel doch ein ganz ganz kleines bisschen mehr! :3

Miniumfrage: Wen/Was hast du lieber?
Alois oder Ciel?
Sebastian oder Claude?
Finny, Marlene oder Bard?
Staffel 1 oder 2?
Ciel's Theme ("Si deus me relinquit") oder Aloi's Theme ("The Slightly Chipped Full Moon")?
Undertaker, William oder Grell?

Was hälst du eigentlich von dem Druit? xDD

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Avatar: ChanBaeky<3
de Germany




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