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Avatar: xNeliel#1
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Sky Castle = (Korean) Life
The story told in Sky Castle is by far one of the most cruel and realistic ones that can be told. It's all about how the korean "high society" live their lives of trying to get their kids to the best university possible, make them doctors and what not and just force them to study until they die basically. They go to lengths, just to accomplish their goal, that are unheard of and should never be ignored. I think this drama has one of the best stories out there and the plot develops in such an unpredictable and harsh way that you sometimes are annoyed at humans just because you can imagine that what you see is probably really happening somewhere in the world. Something that no human being should go through - in the past, present or future.

The story is insanely well written and directed, nonetheless what really seals the deal for this korean drama is the acting and just the cast in general. I don't think there is a single actor or actress that did poorly in this show. Even all the side characters, the kids and what not have been a fabulous way of portraying their character in the most accurate and perfect way you could think of. They are not just acting their characters, they're living them. I especially was very fond of a few here: Oh Na Ra, as she was really really good in My Mister already and I loved that show to heaven, Lee Tae Ran as Lee Soo Im just acting her ass off and Yeom Jung Ah, Yoon Se Ah and also Kim Seo Hyung just being what their characters are best at. I really enjoyed Kim Bo Ra as Kim Hye Na and Kim Byung Chul as Professor Cha aswell. There were many others who could and should have been mentioned as fantastic actors and actresses but I can't talk about them all.

The music is also very fitting and there's always this one main theme called "We All Lie" playing in crucial situations, mainly the ending of episodes, which is really just taking over this show. At the start I couldn't really feel myself into the lyrics that much, but it got more and more fitting over time and I sang along a few times in the last episodes, especially when it really hit me hard in terms of story. There are many upsetting pictures and scenes in this show, where I was just really starstruck and upset about everything in life - I was thinking "How could they even do that?". It just adds to how well done this drama is. I really need to watch some behind the scenes stuff now though, since I really can't cope with some stuff that happened to a few characters.

One thing, I guess you could call it a flaw, though is: what happened to the real killer of Kim Hye Na? That security guard? He just wasn't mentioned anymore at all and it's a little weird. He was surely not important for the story but it's kind of a plot hole you know. Also I would have really loved to see Young Jae and Ga Eul reunite at the end. That was something I longed for a while and it made me sad that it only kinda happened in our imagination.

Even though, this drama is for sure a 10/10 and worthy of being called a masterpiece. It's nothing short from that and everybody should watch this show for sure!
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