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  • “Overlord” Gets a Recap Movie

    The source material for the popular TV series Overlord just had its 11th volume released and with it an announcement for a movie. Not much about the movie is known at this point, other than that it is to retell the events of the series, which was released in 2015. Image via otakomu…

    Sat, 01. Oct 2016 – TaZ
  • Evangelion 4.0 canceled // April Fools

    First concerns were raised just after the removal of the release date on the website of the announced movie „Evangelion 4. 0 – Final“. Now an official statement confirmed these concerns: The production of the last part of the NGE-Remake has been canceled…

  • Kyoukai no Kanata: I'll Be Here - Mirai-hen Film's Trailer Published

    Kyoto Animation published the first full trailer on their website for its upcoming Gekijouban Kyoukai no Kanata: I'll Be Here - Mirai-hen (Beyond the Boundary The Movie: I'll Be Here - Future Chapter) film on Saturday. The second part of the Kyoukai no Kanata films, Mirai-hen (The Future), premieres on April 25th 2015 in Japan. It will continue the story of the series and will be set one year after the series ending…

  • Nozomi Entertainment Acquires Anime Sketchbook: Full Color's

    American Publisher Nozomi Entertainment, Division of Right Stuf. , acquires the anime series Sketchbook: Full Color's Sketchbook: Full Color's from Hal Film Maker was directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike. Responsible for the character design was Isao Sugimoto and Ken Muramatsu for the music…

  • Two New Simulcast Licenses by FUNimation

    American Publisher FUNimation has Acquired two new Anime Series. Yuri Kuma ArashiThe first one is the upcoming anime Yurikuma Arashi from studio Silver Link which produced Strike The Blood and Nourin. Kunihiko Ikuhara will direct the anime, while Etsuko Sumimoto created the character design…

  • Six New Simulcast Licenses by Madman Entertainment

    Australian Publisher Madman has announced the acquisition of six new anime series on their Facebook-Page. IsucaThe first aquisition is the upcoming anime Isuca from ARMS. Akira Iwanaga will direct the anime, while Masashi Suzuki will be responsible the scripts…

  • FUNimation acquired home video rights of Inari Kon Kon

    FUNimation announced this Monday, that they aqquired the home video rights of anime Inari Kon Kon. They had already streamed the series from January until March 2014. Now they also have the license for a DVD/Blu-ray release with japanese dub and english subtitles, which is planned for 2015…

  • New Simulcast Licenses by FUNimation

    American publisher FUNimation has acquired two new anime series. Rolling GirlsThe first aquisition is the upcoming anime Rolling Girls from Wit Studio, who produced Attack on Titan. Kotomi Deai will direct the anime, while Yasuyuki Mutou created the scripts…

  • Five New Licenses by Discotek Media

    Discotek Media has acquired ten new anime titles, five of them have been announced on their blog and facebook page by them now. They will be released next year. Iria: Zeiram The AnimationThe first one that has been announced is Iria: Zeiram The Animation, which was produced by Ashi Productions as an OVA in summer and fall 1994…

  • Madman Entertainment aquirred anime series No-Rin

    Madman Entertainment acquired anime series No-Rin. Australian Publisher Madman Entertainment announced that they will release the anime series No-Rin in 2015, which is based on the light novel with the same name. The series was directed by Shin Oonuma at Frontier Works together with Silver Link…

  • Anime planned for Manga Hidan no Aria AA

    This Friday, Japanese Company Media Factory confirmed in the newest issue of Square Enix's Young Gangan magazine, that there will be an anime adaption of the manga Hidan no Aria AA. Hidan no Aria AA, from Akamatsu Chuugaku and Kobuichi, is a spin-off of Hidan no Aria, which is base on the Light Novel with the same title. The manga was first published in Young Gang magazine in 2010…

  • Title of upcoming Date-A-Live Anime announced

    The official homepage of the anime series Date a Live which is on based on Koushi Tachibana's light novel series with the same title, revealed the offical title of the upcoming movie. The title will be Date a Live: Mayuri Judgement and it's release is scheduled for summer 2015. Kouchi Tachibana will be the superviser of the movie…

  • New Informations about upcoming Digimon Anime Series

    The new anime series for the 15th anniversary of Digimon Adventure will be titled Digimon Adventure tri. They also revealed the first visual key and some information about the staff. Keitarou Motonaga (Mahou Kishi Rayearth) is set to direct the production at Toei Animation…

  • New Anime Movie Bakemono no Ko from Mamoru Hosoda

    Mamoru Hosoda the director of Toki o Kakeru Shoujo ( The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) and Summer Wars, is going to release his first Anime Movie after three year on hideous. His latest film will be titled Bakemon no Ko (The Boy and the Beast) and will be produced by Studio Chizu, which produced Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Wolf Children) as their first project. Not much is currently known about the story…

  • Gunslinger Stratos anime tv series coming in april 2015

    Square Enix's popular arcade game Gunslinger Stratos is going to get a tv series in april 2015, which will run under the title Gunslinger Stratos the Animation. The announcment was made on a conference on tuesday where it was also announced that the game will get a PC version. The series will contain the voice cast known from the game…

  • High School DxD: 3rd Season will premier on japanese television in April

    The official website for the third anime season revealed the first key visual and promotional video, as well as the title for the series: High School DxD BorN. Blurb High School DxDIssei Hyodo is back with all of his voluptuous friends only this time he has more power than ever before. With the Excalibur swords and the Archangel Michael joining him in battle against the deadliest of foes yet, only time will tell if the Occult Research Club continues to thrive or if new leadership is needed to usher in a new magical era…

  • Sekai Project's Release of Clannad shall match the Japanese 2004 Edition

    Sekai Project announced on Wednesday that the physical release of Clannad will look almost the same as the original release of CLANNAD first edition. Suitable to Sekai Project's planned release is the original game celebrating its 10th anniversary. The campaign reached its US$140,000 goal on Tuesday, after less than 24 hours…

  • The New York Times: current best seller list in the category Manga

    The New York Times announced the list of the best selling manga volumes of the last week. 1st place: Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan #142nd place: Tite Kubo's Bleach #623rd place: Yuu Kamiya's (Story) and Mashiro Hiiragi's (Art) No Game; No Life #1On the 4th place is another volume of Hajime Isayama's work Attack on Titan, #15th place: Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail #436th place: Hidenori Kusaka's and Satoshi Yamamoto's Pokémon Adventure: Black & White #57th place: Yana Toboso's Black Butler #188th place: Naoshi Komi's Nisekoi: False Love #6At the 9th place is Attack on Titan: No Regrets #2, although Isayama's the creator of the originals, Gan Sunaaku's in this case responsible for the story, while Hikaru Suruga's the artistAnd the 10th and therefore the last place goes to Masashi Kishimoto's work Naruto #67Source: ANN…

  • Anime Adaption For Akame ga KILL! Announced

    Square Enix' february issue of their Gangan Joker magazine announced an anime adaption for Takahiro Arai's manga Akame ga KILL. . The ninth compiled volume of the manga will be released on January 22nd in Japan…

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