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Jun Fukuyama is a Japanese voice actor, singer, and narrator.

He's currently working for Axl-One, before that he was working with both Aoni Production and Production Baobab.

Voice Actor in the Following Video Games:

Lelouch Lamperouge - "Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch"
Lelouch Lamperouge - "Code Geass R2: Banjou no Geass Gekijou"
Lelouch Lamperouge - "Code Geass: Lost Colors"
Onion Knight - "Dissidia: Final Fantasy"
Yuma Asakura - "Duel Love"
Teruteru Hanamura - "Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair"
- "Enzai"
Maou - "G Senjou no Maou"
Itou Keita - "Gakuen Heaven"
Itou Keita - "Gakuen Heaven Okawari!"
Vincent Rio - "Granado Espada"
Human Male - "Grandia Online"
Tweedle Dee - "Heart no Kuni no Alice"
Tweedle Dum - "Heart no Kuni no Alice"
Shimizu Keichi - "Kiniro no Corda"
Shimizu Keichi - "Kiniro no Corda 2"
Shimizu Keichi - "Kiniro no Corda 2: Encore"
Shimizu Keichi - "Kiniro no Corda 2: Forte"
Steiner - "Luminous Arc 2: Will"
Johnny "Akiba" Sasaki - "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots"
Null - "Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops"
Toru Kono - "Princess Princess"
Kraft Lawrence - "Spice & Wolf"
Ioshua Jerand - "Star Ocean: First Departure"
Azusa Kinose - "Starry Sky ~in Summer~"
Dylan Will Delteana - "Summon Night X: Tears Crown"
Radius - "Summon Night X: Tears Crown"
Roy - "Super Smash Bros. Melee"
Kyle Dunamis - "Tales of Destiny 2"
Rin - "Togainu no Chi"
Rin - "Togainu no Chi TRUE BLOOD"
Maximilian - "Valkyria Chronicles"
Aidou Hanabusa - "Vampire Knight"
Watanuki Kimihiro - "xXxHolic"

Voice Actor in the Following Films:

Tom Riddle (teenager) - "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (2009)
Ryan Evans - "High School Musical" (2006)

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Screen Name

    Original Language: 福山 潤
    Reading: ふくやま じゅん
  • Hayato KIRYUUIN
    Original Language: 鬼龍院 隼人
  • JunJun
    Original Language: 潤潤
    Reading: ジュンジュン
  • Tarou MANKURI
    Original Language: 万栗 太郎
  • Kouichi YAMAGA
    Original Language: 山賀 弘一



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