In Japan “Anime” (Jap. “アニメ”) refers to any animated film productions, even non-Japanese ones. Outside of Japan, however, only Japanese (as well as Chinese and Korean) animated productions are called “Anime.”

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A list of streams that have been entered into the database. Note that we only provide links to legal streaming services.

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A list of the recently most-viewed anime pages. This overview shows you what the majority of our members is currently most interested in.

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A list of the recently most-rated anime. This overview shows you what the majority of our members is currently watching.

New Releases: Anime

HThis page lists the most recent anime releases. In the overview you can set various filters to make your search for any product more specific.
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A listing of anime set up by a self-defined time frame or a preset season. A season defines the recurring start of the 3-month-rhythm in which Japanese TV shows are (usually) being released.


In this list all anime are listed by their respective ranks. The rank of an anime is defined by its overall rating and the total number of ratings.

Recently Added Anime

This page shows anime in the order in which they were entered into our database.
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